Tabula Rosa

IMG_3253“He wrote with great passion, staying in his room for many days. When we looked for him, he had disappeared into his writings”

A writer absorbed in his work keeps shrinking, and all the objects in his room obtain a new dimension. The more he gets into his writings, the smaller he becomes. Lights, shadows and sounds fill his room as he embarks in a journey where nothing will be the same again. What is the man trying to write everyday he wakes up? Why does he wake up smaller day by day? A tiny character with a big secret hidden in his texts and heart…


Script: Evgenia Tsichlia

Direction: Evgenia Tsichlia, Stathis Markopoulos

Puppet and set construction: Thanos Sioris, Evgenia Tsichlia

Lighting design: Thanos Sioris

Original music: Antonis Skamnakis

Puppeteers: Thanos Sioris, Evgenia Tsichlia


tabula rosa teaser from Hop Signor Puppet Theater on Vimeo.

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