Blue – work in progress

φωτο“Give me your hand, and I will give you my baton. It was once my way to convince you. I no longer have a way to convince you.

I will also give you my shield. It was never mine.

And after all, what are all these handcuffs for? They were never enough anyway. You may take them.

I will also give you my helmet. I no longer want to be the one extinguishing your horizon lines.

I will even give you my tear gas, so that you no longer cry without wanting to.

Give me your hand and I will give you my gun. I no longer shoot myself. I have been dead a long time before you.”




“Blue” is a series of short, fast-paced sketches in which the main characters are police officers. They are interconnected, as some characters appear in more than one sketch, but they are also autonomous, forming a mosaic of observations, questions, thoughts, whispers and wishes about law enforcement.





“Blue” is not an attempt to draw conclusions, but rather to pose questions. It is an attempt to throw light in the dilemmas, the conflicts, the tragicomic incidents which arise when one has to obey orders. Stereotypes are explored but also questioned, and masculinity is put under the microscope. Humor is an indispensable element of the show, often enabling the tragedy to sink in deeper. The conflicts which arise when one has to obey orders, when one is confronted with violence and when one questions the justice in one’s actions, are also a major theme of the show.






genre: object theatre – very little text

provisional running time: 45 min

suitable for: adults and adolescents

written and produced by: Hop Signor




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